Streetwear is dead!
Vive le street
Long live streetwear !

It is from this simple statement that the French Kick brand is born.

French Kick unpretentiously uses the basics of street culture by offering visual and graphic items, combining pop culture imagery with colourful illustrations.

French Kick represents the ”kick in the ass” in an otherwise too serious fashion business.

We – The people behind the brand & those of us who wear it – we are all about PLUS D’AMOUR – We don’t care about norms and question the status quo. We don’t believe in the negative but focus on the positive. We want to change things for the better and gently make fun of everything and everyone, starting with ourselves.

We spread a message of derision and gentle self-mockery, slightly provocative but never mean, all of this whilst bringing a sense of glamour and freshness. French Kick is about being original – it is about being yourself – It is about PLUS D’AMOUR – If you are not already part of it – come join the movement!



Please take a look at our gallery and discover more about us.